Monday, September 25, 2017
Welcome to Apogee Systems, Inc.
Apogee Systems is committed to producing a high quality product. We have a sustained success record associated with each of our customers that is the envy of our competitors. Our business philosophy is quite simple: Customer Satisfaction.

A high level of quality assurance has produced image analysis technology and data communications that are fully responsive to each customers requirements, problems and needs. Our employee commitment has produced production control data and quality control image measurement systems that have proved to give accurate, reliable and repeatable results and analysis. These operating and analysis systems were designed to be easy to use and understand by non-computer technicians as well as being fully supportive of the transportation, pulp and paper-making, printing and converting, and biological science industries.
More than most other R&D companies, Apogee Systems works with an extraordinary range of technologies. Our core technologies include scientific computing, image processing, signal analysis, electronics packaging, paperless computer systems design, and modeling and simulation of control processes. Our reputation rests on an uncompromising commitment to exceeding customer requirements and expectations. 



We've Met!

Chances are you've already used our products and systems. Apogee systems are installed in 15 countries:



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