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About Apogee Systems

Apogee Systems, Inc. was founded in 1993 as an employee-owned and operated company. We have since developed into one of the foremost industrial software companies in the United States, and has worked to help preserve and cultivate state-of-the-art technology leadership.

Apogee works with the latest engineering, management and scientific advances, to rapidly transform new technologies and methods into sound customer oriented solutions. Our efforts contribute to the customer's bottom line profit and competitiveness in today's world market place. Best known for advancing Digital Image Analysis Technology using off-the-shelf flat bed scanners and digital cameras to analyze paper quality, all types of print quality and bacteria colonies in petri dishes. We have also made advances in the mobile digital data communications technology by development of advanced application and streamlining communications system software.

Highlights of our success include:

  • Over 400 RF computer networks terminals and 60 base stations installed throughout the US East Coast.
  • Over 275 image analysis systems installed in pulp mills, paper mills, converting plants, universities, and research institutes installed worldwide.
  • Products selected as the corporate quality control standard by firms such as Fort James, Georgia Pacific, Champion Paper, Weyerhauser, and Jefferson Smurfit.
  • Newly introduced products that promise to revolutionize color measurement, printabililty testing, and quality control throughout the paper and printing industries.
  • Marketing and support of Apogee-developed systems in 15 countries, including Sweden, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Netherlands, Peoples Republic of China, and Indonesia.
  • Selected as "The Best New Small International Business in Georgia".

More than most other R&D companies, Apogee Systems works with an extraordinary range of technologies. Our core technologies include scientific computing, image processing, signal analysis, electronics packaging, paperless computer systems design, and modeling and simulation of control processes. Our reputation rests on an uncompromising commitment to exceeding customer requirements and expectations.

Product Philosophy

Apogee's real talent lies in the ability of their engineers to understand the requirements of diverse industrial customers and translate those needs into software and hardware systems that are tailored to the unique operational requirements of those industries. By forming technical joint ventures with industrial firms, Apogee has been able elicit the technical support of the specific users to develop 13 different products, tailored to the needs of the pulp, paper, printing, railroad, and biomedical industries.

By retaining the licenses to these products and the associated copyrights and patents, Apogee then has marketed these products to producers and consumers throughout the industries.

To date, Apogee has an installed base of over 650 units in 15 countries, and provides 24-hour worldwide technical support to these products. That base continues to grow rapidly as Apogee's engineers continue to roll out 3-4 new products every year.


During the first four years of operation, Apogee Systems, Inc. has been able to develop its place in the industrial support engineering marketplace through building good corporate and industry relationships.

This strategy of industry relationships will continue to serve as a cornerstone to widen and grow Apogee's reputation and business base. If this reputation grows as fast as it has, the potential for profit and longevity is limitless.

This growth in reputation, coupled with the strategy of reinvesting revenues from existing products back into development of new ones without using borrowed money will allow Apogee to successfully compete and to attract talented engineers and designers.


Apogee Systems is totally committed to producing a high quality product.

We have a sustained success record associated with each of our customers which is envied by many of our competitors.
The basis of our record is quite simple; CUSTOMER SATISFACTION through being reliable and responsive.

We are proud of this record and intend to make it the foundation for spectacular growth

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